Omar Khadr

July 15, 2010

A Short Word on What Every Law Abiding Canadian should Add to the Saga of Omar Khadr and the Harperite Government

Almost every editorial writer in every newspaper in the western world has urged the Canadian Government to follow the law of Canada and repatriate Khadr to this country. The Harperite Government together with two Presidents of the US, claim to be executing justice. Pontious Pilate said as much when he was asked to intervene in the case of history’s Great Martyr.

Those who would claim a martyrdom for Omar Khadr and who hate everything for which the West claims to stand, for sure, will never accept that Omar Khadr threw that grenade (even if he did). But they will note the effort of Two World Powers to find guilty and punish this (extraordinary) young man.

Obama and the US will escape blame even when Omar is condemned. Americans are a revengeful, bloody lot who celebrate their exceptionalism and their refusals from international Laws and Conventions.

But Canada and its Harperites, to a man, will reap heavy future historic blame. They have damaged the credibility of Canada’s Courts. They have abused Parliament and its acts. They have refused to obey Canadian Laws and Conventions applicable to Canadians in foreign trouble. They light fires of fear and hatred among us harming our land in all regions.

They put the Unity of Canada at risk. Quebecers of all stripes are better informed than other Canadians on the rights of minorities. Surveys show much more support for repatriating Omar Khadr in Quebec than elsewhere. As a discriminated minority, they know hostility and divisiveness. Quebec’s Separatists openly hope that a Harperite Government will finally take majority power in Ottawa so they can prove how much more civilized a country that they can establish, outside the Federation.

Staunch Federalist that I am, I would be inclined to agree with them.

Free Omar Khadr !

Remember Louis Riel !


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