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Omar Khadr

July 15, 2010 A Short Word on What Every Law Abiding Canadian should Add to the Saga of Omar Khadr and the Harperite Government Almost every editorial writer in every newspaper in the western world has urged the Canadian Government to follow the law of Canada and repatriate Khadr to this country. The Harperite Government together with two Presidents of the US, claim to be executing justice. Pontious Pilate said as much when he was asked to intervene in the case of history’s Great Martyr. Those who would claim a martyrdom for Omar Khadr and who hate everything for which the West claims to stand, for sure, will never accept that Omar Khadr threw that grenade (even if he did). But they will note the effort of Two World Powers to find guilty and punish this (extraordinary) young man. Obama and the US will escape blame even when Omar is condemned. Americans are a revengeful, bloody lot who celebrate their exceptionalism and their refusals from international Laws and Conventions.

Prison Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Sauvons la Vieille Prison de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul The Gazette editorial of July 14th 2010 promoting the demolition of the Old St-Vincent de Paul Penitentiary, suggested by the M.P. for the district in which it is situated, with respect, is an example of faulty, one-dimensional thinking. Here is how that reasoning goes: "It's underused. Nobody is making money. It occupies prime real estate. A smart business person can produce housing easily here. Everyone will make money, especially patronage friends of the Government. We'll all be rich, and merry, and gay !" Isn't that the refrain ? Oh, I almost forgot - "Jobs ! Jobs ! Jobs !" and "New Taxes !" The Old St-Vincent de Paul Castle is a unique feature on the local landscape of Quebec. It was built high up so that it would be a highly visible symbol, reminding would-be criminals of the Power of the Government and the prison system of its day. As such it serves as a historic reminder of

Windsor Station

Sixty Years of Corporate Credulity and Greed Meeting Public Negligence . (version française ci-jointe) . Recent History - 1950 - 1990 In the nineteen sixties, the then one hundred year old Canadian Pacific Railway Company ceased passenger service in Canada. Faced with increasing travel by bus, plane and automobile, the company decided to redevelop many rail properties for new real estate uses. In Montreal, these included : the seven kilometre long rail line from Montreal West to Peel Street; the 175 thousand square meter marshalling yards at the Glen in Westmount, and a similar sized train turn-around yard in NDG. The crown jewel, however, among these opportunities for redevelopment, was the 37 thousand square meter site under Windsor Station and its enclosed track fan, six platforms with eleven train tracks and room for more. Built between 1880 and 1956, the station complex was a unique collection of buildings with national historical importance. The corporate giant which had b