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New Buildings on and around the Windsor Station site –

or how private corporate interests plan to profit unduly at the expense of all Montrealers, - from forty years of negligent city planning . (version française ci-après) The first thing to know - Teachers and Cadillac-Fairview, owners of the Windsor Station environs, are effectively the same company wearing different suits. Cadillac-Fairview operates (and may own) all the the city block where Windsor Station sits. Teachers certainly owns the several city blocks where the Old Queens Hotel once was located, immediately to the South of the Windsor Station block. But remember, Teachers and Cadillac-Fairview are the same company. The Big Rip-off and almost all of the profit from new development in all this area to Teachers (Cadillac-Fairview) will come when the Queen’s Hotel property will be built by Teachers and occupied by the public Transportation Authorities in Montreal, (AMT), for a huge sum. A six story high, full block structure will be built on an expanded Queen’s site t