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The LaFontaine House and the Man

Many, no, most of the country’s most reputable historians have underlined the importance to French and English-Canadian and North American, if not World History, of the life and works of the Man who built and occupied this house during all of his public life. Architectural writers have contributed many articles about those aspects of the building that also make it of prime importance in the History of the City. One makes mention only in passing, that all political shades of opinion in the Province and the Country and all but one of the City’s Newspapers has written strong editorials over the years to the effect that the building should be preserved and restored. Most importantly, several Federal authorities (for this is primarily going to be a Canadian Historic Site, whatever happens) have said that if the City purchases the house, they will do their duty, whatever that entails, from erecting a plaque to restoring and operating both it, a visitors' centre on or off the site and