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The Status of Listed Buildings in Any Municipality

(Je traduirai cet article aussitôt que possible. Je regrette le delai. ) This is an edited letter which I wrote to the Mayor of a city recently following public meetings where the fate of a listed building was discussed – a developer had asked for a permit to demolish. Several experts had been hired by the developer and the City to ‘advise’ on the condition of the building in question Dear Mayor, It seemed that you had read the report of listed buildings carefully and that you realize what few others understand about heritage properties. This is that the conservation and the preservation of all buildings on any list of important buildings have factual and directive values. Many actors in the general area of development, out of lack of knowledge or even from a will to frustrate the intent of conservation objectives, fail to act in consequence of this. Having read the document carefully, myself, only in the last few weeks, I did not realize that the report has the same legal effec